Hackers have learned to crack any password on Android-smartphones

Experts have discovered a serious vulnerability in the Android operating system version 5.0 and higher. According to the University of Texas researcher John Gordon, it would be easy for an attacker to hack into any password-protected Android smartphone. True, for this he must be in the hands of a hacker.

In order to bypass the password on a secure device, you do not even need to have special knowledge. First you need to open the emergency call screen on your phone and enter a long number with a large number of characters (you can even use asterisks alone). Then the user must double all these characters by copying and pasting until the input field is completely filled (about 11 repetitions have to be done).

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After the done manipulations, you need to return to the initial lock screen, turn on the camera, open the notification panel on it and click on the gear, which should open the settings. The user will be prompted to enter a password: instead, you will have to insert the characters that were copied earlier. This procedure must be repeated several times until the system starts to hang, and the camera does not go into full screen mode.

As a result, after some time, the camera application “crashes”, and the desktop of the blocked device opens before the user. Thus, an attacker can gain access to all applications and data on the phone.

According to experts, Android developers have already begun to fix the problem, but not all smartphone manufacturers have managed to introduce a new patch.