Persons prohibited from gambling can however

To make horse and sports bets, on racetracks or in approved shops,

participate in lotteries and lotteries.


The is valid for a period of 3 years not reducible in all gaming rooms, casinos, gaming circles and online gaming sites authorized by the ARJEL.

If the applicant wishes to maintain his beyond 3 years, no action is required. This prohibition remains in effect as long as the person concerned does nothing to suppress it.

If the plaintiff wishes to lift the ban, he will have to make representations to the Ministry of the Interior to remove his name from the confidential file of prohibited gambling.


The voluntary prohibition of gambling is a personal initiative, at the initiative of the player, which can not be undertaken by a third party [4]. A pre-application can be made online by following this link .

In practice

you must provide the scanned copy of a piece of identification

after validation of the form, the applicant is contacted by a local correspondent of the police of the shopping and games department to arrange an appointment. Following this meeting, the on gambling is pronounced.

The application for prohibition can also be made by mail when living in the province or by telephone when living in the Paris region:

For people living outside the Paris region , you must send a letter to the Ministry of the Interior at the following address:

This letter must be signed by the applicant and must also mention his exact address. In order to facilitate the convocation that will follow the reception of the mail, a telephone number can possibly be added as well as the copy of a piece of identity.

When it is received by the Circles and Games Bureau, the mail will be sent to the “racing and games” correspondents so that the applicant can be summoned by the police services. This convocation is obligatory. On this occasion, they will check with him the authenticity of his request, ensure that he is the initiative of this initiative and remind him of the terms of games. Once this verification is done, the applicant will sign and approve the document allowing the implementation of this prohibition.

The file is then sent by the police to the office of the circles and games which will be able to put the name of the person on the confidential file of the persons excluded from the gaming rooms. This file is distributed to all gaming establishments as well as to ARJEL.

For those living in the Paris region (departments 75-77-78-91-92-93-94-95), the applicant must contact the central service of racing and games at the following number: 01 82 24 60 56. From then, an appointment is given to him so that the obligatory maintenance takes place. On this occasion, after verifying the authenticity of his request to the police services, the applicant will sign the prohibition document allowing him to be registered on the dedicated files.