Playing online on Nintendo Switch is now paid .The Nintendo Switch Online costs 4 euros per month or 19.99 euros for one year. Nintendo is following in the footsteps of Sony and Microsoft, who also have their own subscriptions to enjoy connected games.

Online racing fans of the  Mario Kart 8 game will have to check out. Since Wednesday, owners of Nintendo Switch  consoles must subscribe to continue to enjoy the online game modes of their favorite titles, and those to come. The Nintendo Switch Online offers decreasing rates, with offers “one month for 3.99 euros”, “three months for 7.99 euros” or “one year for 19.99 euros”. These rates are much lower than those charged by the competition. One year of subscription to Sony’s PlayStation Plus or Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold costs 60 euros.

Twenty games already in the trade are concerned, like FIFA 18 , Mario Kart 8 , Mario Aces Tennis , Minecraft or Splatoon 2 . Others, on sale in the coming weeks, will also require a subscription to play online: FIFA 19, Diablo 3, Super Mario Party … Nintendo makes an exception for free-to-play games, which are not concerned by the program. Fortnite fans will be able to continue to switch to Switch without subscribing.

Nintendo also targets families with a low-cost offer called “family subscription”. For 34.99 euros per year, it allows to take advantage of the Nintendo Switch Online to eight people maximum, without they need to use the same console. This amounts to a little over 4 euros per year for each account, a very competitive price.

Exclusive services for subscribers

Nintendo  also offers complementary services. Subscribers can access many games from the NES era (late 1980s), whose catalog will be regularly powered, and can play online with their friends. It would not be surprising that Nintendo has been extending its offer to newer titles over the years. Subscribers will also be able to enjoy exclusive products, such as a gamepad that replicates the design of the NES console .

Another service: the progressions in the games are automatically kept in the cloud, in addition to their copy on the memory of the console. This avoids mishandling (which has never mistakenly deleted a backup?) And allows you to find its progress on any console Switch by logging into his account. Attention, as soon as unsubscribed, your backups in the cloud will be destroyed!

Switch subscribers will finally be able to use an app to chat with other players during their online games. The latter must be downloaded on an Android or Apple smartphone. Some titles, like Splatoon 2, offer additional services on this app, such as consulting its performance in the game.