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Bingo is a game of chance that arose during Roman culture and has evolved from generation to generation. The course of the game consists in that the players buy or have cards with numbers at random and they are drawn around one by one the numbered balls inside a drum. A person takes the numbered balls one by one, as they go out the players will go through the numbers they have on their cardboard. The game ends when one of the players manages to cross out all the numbers of a card, in that moment he must stop the game since he is the winner of the round.


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Bingo is one of the games that most people know, people of all ages have fun with this game, but nobody really asks where this tradition comes from. Its origin dates back to Roman times, where it was used to amuse the different businessmen who traveled from city to city. With time it was evolving until arriving at a point in which it served to accumulate riches since it was played by money. This is one of the main theories of the origin of bingo, although there are many others without verification.


Bingo has evolved over time and little by little has been incorporated into new technologies. Throughout life, bingo has been played physically with several people in a room as players and an announcer who was taking out the numbers of the drum. The development of new technologies has been implemented to different websites and even mobile devices so that players can play anywhere. Online bingo is available on several websites like Bet365 that allows new registrations to get welcome bonuses to start the game session with more money.


Bombo – The drum is the object in which the numbered balls are deposited and from which they are taken one by one. It can be transparent, although it is more advisable that you can not see anything from the outside.

Numbered balls – The numbered balls are small circles that contain a number marked on the outside, these will go out one by one with the aim of the players crossing out the numbers on their cardboard.

Cardboards – Cards are the most important part of the game since each player needs at least one to be part of the bingo. Each card contains a certain number of numbers that players must cross out as the balls come out of the drum.


These instructions are from the traditional bingo game since there are a large number of game alternatives. Traditional bingo is played with 90 balls and each player can buy all the cards he needs, taking into account that each of them has a certain cost. The bingo cards will have to have numbers divided into 3 rows of 9 columns. At the same time, each row will consist of five chips with numbers and four blank ones. It is also important to know how the accumulated in bingo is earned.

There are two ways to get the prize in traditional bingo, the first is to be the first to cross all the numbers in a row, at that time the player must shout line and will be rewarded with the small prize. The second way to get the prize is to be the first player to cross all the numbers on a card, the player must shout bingo and check if it is true that all the numbers on his card have left the drum. If all of your numbers are checked and confirmed, this player will be the winner of the main prize.


The 80-ball bingo changes in some aspects with respect to the one explained above. Some of the rules that change are that players only need to cross out 16 squares, each square has four rows and columns and the numbers are divided according to the established color. In bingo 80 there are four different colors like red, yellow, blue and green. The numbers are divided into fourth groups, from 1 to 20, from 21 to 40, from 41 to 59 and from 60 to 80.

The most complicated part of this game is that there are different ways to get the prize, you can get the main prize by crossing the 80 numbers, but you can also win by completing horizontal lines, vertical or the four corners. The bonuses vary according to the combination that the players have completed.

This game is very famous in the US because it has some rules other than 90 balls. These are the rules of 75 ball bingo. Inside the drum there are 75 numbered balls and the cards have 24 numbers in total, divided into 5 columns. Each column has a letter of the word BINGO established and each letter has its respective numbers. The letter B contains the numbers 1 to 15, the letter I the numbers from 16 to 30, the letter N the numbers 31 to 45, the letter G the numbers 46 to 60 and the letter O from the number 61 to 75.

There are several options to get the prize, one of them is filling all the numbers of the card as it is common in the rest of the bingo modalities. The alternative to get the prize is to get in the cardboard the determined figure that has been decided before starting the game, it can be a letter or a specific symbol, without the need to have all the numbers of the cardboard crossed out.


Bingo 75 is the one that offers the most alternatives to the players when they can take a prize because there are different combinations to win. The prize received by the player will depend on the difficulty of the combination that has made him win, although he will also be awarded a prize to the one who sings a line. In bingo 80 there are also different combinations to win, but the prize will be lower since it is not necessary to cross out all the numbers. The winner of the 90 bingo is the one that will take the highest amount by having to cross out all the numbers of his card, the problem is that there are only two players who take prizes for completing the bingo and the line, while the rest do not get nothing


There are three fundamental ideas that you must have in your head before starting a game of bingo. The first one is that you have to visualize the number of players that participate in the game because the less you have, the more likely you will have to win so it is better to play in moments when there are not so many people playing.

The second advice is that you do not always win the most cards you have since you will not be fully concentrated and may not give you time to cross out all the numbers. In addition, buying a large number of cards is a big expense and reduces the possibility of participating in more games.

The last advice is that you take advantage of the bonuses offered by the different web pages so that you can take advantage of the bonuses and do not have to make all the out-of-pocket payments. These bingo tricks do not always work because they are theories.


There are two main theories that many players have put into practice and it is important that you know what each of them consists of. One of them is the Granville theory , devised by a mathematician who thought that the best way to win bingo is to acquire cards with an even distribution between odd and even numbers, ending each of them between 0 and 9. His thought is that In a long game, the player will get a large number of crossed out numbers on each card and will have more chances to win .

The second best known theory was made by the statesman Tippett, which was that according to the number of numbers sung, they are more likely to come close to an average number of the 90 that are inside the drum. It is easier to understand it with the example that he expounded, in a short game it is better to choose the cards that have the numbers closer to 1 and 90. Therefore, if the game was of long duration it would be better to choose the numbers close to the 45. Each player must calculate before the game which can be the approximate duration of each game, so it depends in large part on the player’s intuition.


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